Friday, March 23, 2012

Appointment Crazy

Tomorrow I hit the 32 week mark. That's when I start all of these crazy appointments. Is it weird to say that I'm actually looking forward to them in a way? I know it will be quite a stress load, especially for my husband taking time off of work to go to them with me and grandparents helping watch our daughter, but I'm relieved to be watched so closely. I'm excited to see and hear him frequently and this means we are getting really close to meeting him face to face! One thing that has me stressed about it all is that my bi-weekly testing will be at the sister hospital (because it's a closer and easier drive than the one I will deliver at), and it will be in the same facility where we found out we lost "C" (the son we lost at 17 weeks), where I had 2 D&C's, and where we went after we delivered him. If I end up in the same ultrasound room it will be very emotional. I'm afraid all of those anxieties will come flooding back when I walk in. That is the main reason I want my husband with me, plus if we find out something is wrong, I don't want to be there alone.

Tomorrow we take my daughter to her "Big Sister" class at the hospital I will deliver at. She's really excited! We are going to make a fun day of it for her, going out to lunch before and shopping afterwards. A day for her. It should be a lot of fun! It's been a gorgeous week and we have been having a lot of fun playing outside. She even got to ride her tricycle outside for the first time last night.

I'm getting to the very uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Here is my complaint part of the post - I will try to get it all out in this one post. I don't want to forget these things either, so I'm writing them down. I'm still thrilled and blessed to be pregnant and wouldn't trade it for the world, so don't take it the wrong way. Here are the things I won't miss...the waking up at least 3 times per night to pee, having trouble falling asleep because my back or hips hurt or I have restless leg syndrome. Heartburn. It wears me out to do almost anything, climbing stairs, throwing in a load of laundry, trying to get up off the ground after changing a diaper. I love feeling him move, but he's starting to find some very uncomfortable positions that make me short of breath or make me contort my body as best I can to try to get him to move. My tailbone hurts all the time now and locks up randomly shooting excruciating pain. That same tailbone pain combined with the exhaustion from exertion makes my need to nest not happen, then I get irritated that things aren't just so. I want everything clean and ready but my body won't let me take care of those things, so my poor husband is being run ragged. And one last thing...I WANT A BIG TALL MILKSHAKE! Stupid GD! Okay, I think I got it all out ;)


LisaB/lisabttc said...

I'm so glad your appts are more frequent now! But I have no doubt that lil Sawyer will stay healthy and perfect <3 I can't imagine the anxiety that lingers though. I still pray for you.

I love those pics of your DD! She is sooo cute. That's so neat that she gets to take a big sister class. I bet she'll be a big help to you - or try :-)

Aw, I don't blame you one bit for having some complaints about being uncomfy! I've heard how hard it gets at the end, especially. Plus, this freakin hot weather must suck!

I'm so excited to see how far you've come and can't wait to meet your lil man (when he's ready) :-D

Good Timing said...

I hear you on the frequent appts! I'm going to be at the hospital three times this week! That's just crazy. But that just means we are that much closer. :) Love the pics of your DD, she will make a great big sis! And as for the hard parts of pregnancy, I'm right there with you. I'm super grateful and do love being pregnant but the end is no walk in the park, is it? Ps. I really want a DQ Blizzard because of the damn commercials they keep showing lol!!