Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seriously!? Do You Have To Press So Hard!?

Tuesday and Friday and today were much of the same with good NST's and good amniotic fluid checks. My nurse at my NST's is a hoot. She's always very friendly and very chatty. We've been lucky to be the only one's in there recently. Our first couple of times we had to share the curtained off room with another couple, one of whom smelled absolutely horrible, and looked/talked like she had done many drugs in her life, and the other of whom played loud Indian pop music the entire time, which I can't say was terrible music, but it wasn't really something I wanted to have to listen to so loudly for 20 minutes - I can't imagine forcing my music choices on someone who had no say in the same circumstance, maybe some earbuds would have been a more appropriate choice...both interesting appointments for those reasons. Since it's just been my husband and I for a while now, we've gotten to know our nurse pretty well and she is never one to back away from conversation. It certainly helps the time go by faster.

Wednesday I had a 34 week growth ultrasound and an MFM appointment afterward. We headed back to the room with the tech who didn't seem too terribly friendly, then she started the ultrasound...I've obviously had a LOT of ultrasounds, and some techs push a bit harder than others, but this woman was out of control! I was in serious pain from her pressing down and actually was bruised and sore for two days afterward. I was sweating and wincing and finally my husband grabbed my hand, which I squeezed like I was in labor and after she had me roll over on my side I gave him a look, which she saw and asked if I was okay. I told her I was hurting from how hard she was pressing and she let up just a tiny bit. She talked through some of the things, but not others, then told us she had to go ask if they needed any additional measurements and to wait there. The only times we have been told to wait (aside from waiting for a doctor's signature to go for blood work after the NT) it has been code for something is wrong, wait here while I get a doctor. So the next 5-10 minutes were agony as my husband and I are thinking the worst and I can't stop crying. She walks in with another tech who introduces herself and I ask her immediately what's wrong, she said nothing was wrong, that our tech is new and literally just needed some help with some measurements. I explained that we have lost several babies and that it is never a good sign when they tell us to wait and she just reassured me all was fine. I still wouldn't believe her until our MFM later confirmed all was fine. Low and behold when the experienced tech took measurements, she was nice and gentle, like the many other ultrasounds I've had in the past. The new girl has some learning to do! I'm thinking don't put the woman who has been through many losses with a newbie, give me someone who makes me feel comfortable and confident and who doesn't stress me out. We are told we can leave the ultrasound and head down the hall for my MFM appointment and they will just walk the ultrasound results down, which makes me wonder if there are any red flags and they figure they'll just let my doctor handle the info instead of calling in the doc who is on call for ultrasounds that day. So down we go to my MFM's office, still very nervous.

I get there and get all signed in, and wouldn't you know it, it's a long wait kind of day. I think about an hour passed, my blood pressure was high. As soon as the doctor came in I asked him if the ultrasound looked okay, and thank goodness it did. Baby boy is in the 50th percentile, weighs about 5lbs. 9oz. and everything else looked good. We did end up with a couple of pics, but he's still breech and not in the best position for pictures. They took my blood pressure again and it started to come down. I've been having a lot of contractions, so he checked my cervix, which is still closed and high. Here are the latest pics of our handsome little man...

His Profile

Yes, All Boy!

His Face Looking At Us...Looks Like You Can See His Eyeball

Over the weekend we finished up our registry shopping with our Babies R Us registry completion coupon. The only thing I think we need to buy is petroleum jelly to have on hand for the thermometer. I think we remembered everything else. I have his laundry all washed up and am getting ready to put it all away. We still need to pack a hospital bag, but otherwise I think we are ready.

I haven't been feeling well. My heartburn is so bad that many nights I have to prop myself up with pillows to sleep, which just makes my neck and back hurt worse. Saturday night I woke up with such terrible heartburn it made me puke. My upper right leg has been numb for a while now, but today it started really hurting in the groin, I can hardly walk. I'm definitely at the end and I can feel it. I don't remember being quite this uncomfortable with my daughter's pregnancy, maybe it has something to do with him being breech. One good thing is my blood sugar numbers have been really good and with baby measuring in the 50th percentile, my MFM said I could cheat on my diet some! So tonight I had a cheeseburger, salad, and hot fudge sundae...and wouldn't you know it, my numbers were still fine even with a cheat! We are one month (or less) away from meeting our rainbow baby and it can't come fast enough! We love you little guy!

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

Awww the pics are amazing! What a cute lil guy :-D
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! That sounds horrible!! Ugh!!
I can't wait for the next weeks to hurry so we can all meet your miracle :-D I'm excited!!