Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our First Ultrasound

It started out as a really stressful morning. I had no idea my emotions would hit me the way they did. I was so nervous and sad. It was like every emotion and feeling from the day we discovered our son had no heart beat on the ultrasound came rushing back. I spent the morning crying and frantically cleaning (that's what I do when I'm really nervous or really angry). I don't know if my daughter noticed a difference in Mommy or not. She likes to follow me around when I clean, so that was fun for her. I also let her watch a bit more TV than usual, so she was pleased. I was just so afraid that history would repeat itself. Of course our son sent more butterflies to reassure us today. We saw one as we pulled out of our neighborhood and another when we pulled in to the parking lot at the doctor's office. I have seen butterflies every time I go to an appointment. <3

The ultrasound wasn't until 1:45 PM. When we got called back, I gave the technician a bit of our history so she would understand why I was so nervous. Luckily she was wonderful. Very understanding, reassuring, and thorough. She told us within seconds that she saw the heartbeat. Then she pointed things out to us, like the flickering of the heart and the head. She let us see the sound waves of the heart beat. It was so beautiful to see our precious little nugget on that screen. She told us the baby was measuring right at 7 Weeks 5 Days, which is exactly where the baby should be based on my ovulation date. The heart rate was 165, which she said is excellent. My due date stays at May 27, 2011.

We go to our new OB in two weeks. I have to switch because mine "retired" from delivering babies. I'm sad about it because I absolutely LOVE my OB. I got to meet my new one, and he seems very kind and personable. I hope I like him as a doctor too. In about a month I go for the NT scan, which measures blood with an ultrasound looking at the nuchal fold. This should give us our odds at having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality. If all goes well with that test, I'll finally breathe a lot easier.

My husband and I are feeling a great deal of relief after seeing the heart beat and knowing that it is so strong. We finally celebrated this pregnancy after the ultrasound with a nice meal at Bravo and some ice cream with our little girl. She loved the celebration!

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