Friday, April 1, 2011

Our 4th Angel Baby

The 9 week ultrasound did not go well today. The baby has not grown at all since our last ultrasound. There is still no heartbeat. The sac has something in it that our doctor said may be remnants of a yolk sac. She called it a blighted ovum. I can't say we expected much more but we had hoped for a miracle. She also said that blighted ovums are most often due to a chromosomal abnormality.

Tomorrow morning I will go to my doctor and have misoprostol inserted, then go home and miscarry. I think that is the best way for me to miscarry. I know what to expect and there is some closure with it, even though it is pretty uncomfortable. She offered a D&C but I just don't want to have the anesthesia and the procedure done. I think it is healthier for my body to miscarry naturally. My body likes to continue to produce progesterone even when our babies aren't going to make it and that just makes my body hold on and not miscarry. For a healthy pregnancy, that's a great thing and at least that's not an issue I have to worry about.

My vitamin D level did come back a little low. It was a 26 and they like it to be between 30-100. She is having me start a 2000 iu per day supplement. Hopefully that will help something.

We will make another consultation appointment with her to see how we should proceed for a future pregnancy. She brought up heparin shots, I'm not so sure...I need to learn more. It seems to me if our issues are due to chromosomes that heparin wouldn't help that, but I'll see what all I can find out about that.

Tonight I am enjoying our 2 year old blessing (and a little extra junk food)!


meggola said...

I was pulling for a miracle for you Michele. I'm so sad to hear your news. You've been in my thoughts and will continue to be. I'm so sorry. :(

LisaB said...

I'm so very sorry hun. My thoughts and prayers are with you. HUGS

Jen said...

There's no words I could offer that could give you the comfort you need and deserve but I am hoping April brings you better luck!