Monday, October 31, 2011

Heart Beat on the Doppler

I have been trying about once per week for a few weeks to find the baby's heart beat on my at home doppler. I was finding my own heart beat and placenta sounds, but no baby...until today!! It was lower on my belly than I thought it would be for 11 weeks, but it was nice and strong. Reading anywhere between 150-180 in the 2 minutes that I listened to it. I have the Sonoline B doppler. That is the BEST sound in the world when you are pregnant! I feel some great reassurance going in to my appointment on Wednesday. I have been feeling a lot of cramps and pulls, most likely stretching and growing, but I was worried it was the worst. We miscarried our little girl last year on the 29th, so I've been a bit more down and worried this week. I guess that just comes with the territory. I can't even begin to say how much better hearing that heart beat makes me feel! I tried to call my husband at work to tell him, but he must have been in a meeting. I can't wait to tell him the great news!

Happy Halloween! I'm looking forward to Trick-or-Treat tonight with my little Snow White. She is super excited this year and really gets what it's all about. Last year it was a new thing for her, so she wasn't too sure at first. I'm thinking of my friends who don't have a child to take Trick-or-Treating yet and I'm hoping they all get their turn to do this someday soon.


meggola said...

Happy Halloween! And yay for the doppler!

LisaB said...

That's so exciting!!!!

Tia said...

Hooray for finding the heartbeat! I love my Sonoline doppler. It was a lifesaver for me at first too.