Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Update with Photos

I had the NT Scan done today. We don't have the full results back yet. It will take about a week to get the results with the blood work. I feel really good about the ultrasound and am hoping the good results continue with the blood work. Our ultrasound technician was very upbeat and friendly, which always helps in a stressful situation. Our little one was so active today, so we got a little extra time to peek until he/she got in the right position, which was fun. The little heart was beating at 160 BPM, which is great. Measuring in between 12weeks 4days and 12weeks 6days, right on track. 2 active arms and 2 active legs. The nuchal measurement was 1.5mm and they like it below 2.5mm, so that looks really good. She didn't look for a nasal bone. We tried to look and thought we may have seen one, but can't be certain. After the ultrasound, she went out to talk to my OB, which made me really nervous something was wrong, but she just needed her signature on something. I asked the tech if she could give us any indication on how the ultrasound looked and she said it looked good.

After the ultrasound I headed down to the lab for a finger poke. I'm so glad it was a finger poke and not an arm jab because I had a new phlebotomist who was nervous and apprehensive. He would not have done well with my tricky veins. I poked my fingers a few times daily when I had gestational diabetes with my daughter and got used to finger pokes. I can honestly say I've never had a bruise from a finger poke before today. He was really milking my finger for those 5 drops of blood - haha.

I have a cold again - second one this pregnancy. So annoying, but at least there isn't a worrisome fever with it, that would add to my worry. I needed to put my crown for my tooth on hold and might have to delay my glucose test for a week. Those are the next 2 things I need to take care of. Then it's my OB appointment on November 30th.

Here are the photos of our little one from today...


LisaB said...

Beautiful baby and a fab report! Yay! So happy to see it all on FB now, too :D Especially bump pics! :)

Lindsey said...

What a cutie!