Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks 4 days today. We are right at the point when we lost our son, so I've been extra nervous, even though everything is looking good. It has brought back some of those emotions and I've relived some of those moments in my mind. I get scared every time I go to the bathroom that I'll deliver this one in there too. I know how illogical that is, since I had major contractions before that happened with my son, but I can't help but worry. Even with all of that, I still have a very good feeling about this pregnancy.

It has been a week filled with medical events. Monday I did the first part of a two part process for the crown on my tooth. Tuesday I did a 3 hour glucose tolerance test, which came back normal...I get to eat Christmas treats, yay! I'll have to do another when I hit 28 weeks.

Today I had an OB appointment. It was supposed to be a simple little appointment but turned into a bit more. She listened to the heart beat and said it sounded "perfect." We talked about my tests from last month and everything looked good except my pap smear. She used some big long medical term which she said basically meant that they didn't get enough cells from the inner part of my cervix to get a normal reading. She's not concerned and just wants me to wait until the baby is born or next year to have another pap. She said that happens in pregnancy sometimes because they don't want to get too aggressive with the inner part of the cervix when taking the sample. I told her about my abdominal cramps and pains, which she said is common for this stage with round ligament pains, constipation, gas, and where the uterus is right now in my abdominal cavity, so no worries. Then I told her about some right leg aches and pains I've had for a couple of weeks. I wanted to mention it with my PAI-1 4/G/4G diagnosis as I was a bit worried about deep vein thrombosis. She checked my leg and felt like there was likely nothing wrong but wanted to send me right down for a doppler ultrasound on my legs just to be safe. That's the nice thing about the office being in the hospital, she called down and got me scheduled for just an hour and a half later. It's also time for me to get AFP blood work done to screen for spina bifida, and she said it can indicate if I am more likely to develop preeclampsia, I didn't know that. So, we skipped the quad stuff since the NT results were so good and just did the AFP. I went straight down to the lab for that, then we ate lunch in the hospital cafeteria (way too pricey for how average the food was), and then up to the 11th floor for my doppler. The test came back negative for DVT, so that's a relief. Busy day, but full of mostly good things. I think I'm done getting poked with needles now until 28 weeks.

I'm nervous and excited for our upcoming ultrasound on Monday, December 5th. Nervous they will find something wrong. She said they can't see everything on this one, that we'll have to wait for the 20 weeks scan for that, but they'll look at what they can see and this ultrasound is more for reassurance for us than anything else. I'm excited to get to see the baby again and to hopefully get a peek at the gender.

Thanks for all of the feedback on my last post. I really appreciate hearing your take on all of the facebook and blog stuff.

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LisaB said...

*Hugs* It must be a scary time. I don't know how you do it with such strength and grace! You are a true inspiration!

I'm so glad your testing is coming back normal!! What a relief. I hope that your next u/s shows a perfect healthy baby. I believe you really have your perfect rainbow baby! It is so amazing and awesome.

Continuing to send prayers and love your way! <3