Monday, December 19, 2011

We Made It

I'm feeling good that we have made it past two things I wasn't looking forward to: our due date for our first son (December 16th) and the time frame when we lost him (14.5-17 weeks). I am now 18 weeks pregnant and happily feeling lots of little kicks and rolls. Only two weeks away from our 20 week anatomy scan and fetal echo (not to mention the half way mark). I wondered how I would do on our first son's due date this year. Last year was extremely difficult, but surprisingly, this year wasn't too bad. July 9th, when we delivered him, is the day that I reserve for him, so the due date doesn't seem as meaningful. Who knows what day he would have come if he had been born full term, so reserving the due date is something that isn't too important for me.

We are celebrating our daughter's 3rd birthday this week. I can hardly believe she's already 3 - time really does fly! She's such a beautiful, sweet, loving, smart, funny, and gentle little girl. She brings joy to my heart every day and I feel so lucky to be her Mommy! She's pretty excited about becoming a big sister. It brings joyful tears to my eyes when she kisses my belly and talks to her brother. I can't wait to see them interact! I'm feeling beyond blessed this holiday season and Christmas magic is in the air. Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday and a magical Christmas!


Jen said...

Wonderful news, congrats!!!!

NissaRaeOpe said...

I love you Michele--I'm so happy for you.