Monday, December 5, 2011

It's A Boy!

We had our 16 week early anatomy ultrasound today. Baby was wiggling around and moving his hands a lot. We got two good looks between his legs and the ultrasound tech said he is definitely a boy! We are over the moon to be having a son!

All of his anatomy that they could see looked good. Our tech talked us through everything as we went along. I know she looked at the kidneys, which had some urine in them. The heart, which had 4 chambers and good cross blood flow. The brain, which she said looked normal (she measured several parts of that and told us what each was, but I don't remember) and she measured his head. The stomach, spine, arm and leg bones, feet and hands, she thought she saw a nasal bone. She checked my placenta and made sure the umbilical cord connected in the center. She checked my cervix and my ovaries, although my right one was hiding. Everything on the baby looked good and she said he measured in at 7oz. and is within normal range for how far along I am (16 weeks 2 days).

There was one piece of unsettling news. Apparently I have a 2 vessel umbilical cord. The doctor came in to talk to us and really down played everything, but wanted us to know what it all meant. It can mean an increase in chromosomal abnormalities, although with our early testing she didn't think that was the case. It can indicate heart abnormalities. Everything that they could see today looks good, but we will have a 20 week anatomy scan, then we will have a fetal echo done on the baby's heart to look at it more closely. She also said that it can cause growth restriction, so I will have ultrasounds every 4 weeks in the 3rd trimester. I asked her if it increased the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. She said it didn't increase miscarriage, but might increase stillbirth risk. I will be going in for testing twice per week towards the end of the pregnancy to check and see how baby is doing. She said that would lower the risk. Our doctor was so reassuring and told us she thought all of this testing was overkill and there likely won't be any problem, she's just being cautious. She told me to try not to worry, knowing that with my history, that's a tough thing to do. Everything they saw today looked good and they saw quite a bit for only 16 weeks. I've been talking to some girls online and every story I have heard has had a good outcome, so that is encouraging. I just wish we didn't have anything additional to worry about, but in the grand scheme of things, this shouldn't be too serious. Hopefully his heart and anatomy will all look good, then I think I'll be able to relax quite a bit about it.

So, now we get to pick a boy name, plan a nursery, shop for all things blue. We will have a lot of fun doing that! We got some great photos of our little man today.

Here he is waving hello:

Profile pictures:

A front view of his face:

One Foot:

Two Foot:

He's a Boy:

My 16 Week Belly:


meggola said...

I'm sorry you can't be without worries after today's appointment. I hope it turns out to be no big deal! :)

Lindsey said...

Yay for little boys! Also the belly is super cute!

Russell Jackson said...

Many congratulations for the baby boy. Happy to hear that both the kids are healthy and doing great. Good luck for your special project. The thought behind your project is very noble. I am 12 weeks pregnant at present and i am very excited about it. With the help of Newborn's pregnancy calculator, i have already calculated the estimated due date of my baby. Fingers crossed. :)