Thursday, August 12, 2010


Charts, charts, and more charts...I've been pouring over my old charts this afternoon, looking for patterns and what not. Nothing very notable, all three positive charts are quite different from one another, and the negative ones look like some of the positives without the happy ending. No rhyme nor reason.

My positive chart with my son - first cycle post chemical pregnancy (above)

My positive chart with my chemical pregnancy (above)

My positive chart with my daughter (above)

Currently my cycle is looking strange, a lot like the one after my chemical pregnancy, which is very frustrating. I've had a couple of days of very light spotting and have had mild cramps since I had the miscarriage. Being the hypochondriac I am, I worry that it could be all sorts of complications...or that my period is gearing up to start...or it's just a typical for me wacky cycle...who knows, only time will tell, and I hate waiting.

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