Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Blessings

We received one glorious Christmas blessing 3 days before Christmas 2 years ago. Our little ladybug turned 2 on December 22nd this year. Time really does fly! We had fun parties and lots of presents and cake! She had a ball!

Sporting a hat and glove set she got (the girl loves her hats) and playing with her new kitchen (hopefully she'll enjoy cooking more than I do).

We received another blessing this year. When we met with the genetic counselor she looked at our testing (both babies' and my husbands and mine) and our family history. Based on what she saw she said we have no higher risk of anything going wrong with a future pregnancy. Any baby we have will still have a 98-99% chance of not having Down Syndrome or Turner's Syndrome. All three miscarriages this year have been nothing more than a string of bad luck. Moving forward, this is the best news we could have received. Things look very promising that we can have another healthy child. We feel very blessed with that news.

It doesn't look like this was our month. AF arrived today. I had a lot of promising symptoms and some tests with questionable light lines, but it wasn't in the cards this month. I think the questionable lines were because of some very low levels of HCG that may have still been in my system from the miscarriage. In preparation for next month I ordered some more of those pink cassette pregnancy tests (the ones that gave me a light positive at 7DPO with my last pregnancy) from a guy in the UK on Ebay. Hopefully we'll get some nice pink lines on those in the next month or two. We are looking forward to 2011 with a positive attitude!

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LisaB said...

I am anxious for the new year! I hope you are blessed with another miracle very soon!