Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betas More Than Doubling!

I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner. It's been a busy weekend and I am already feeling the exhaustion of the first trimester. I went in exactly 48 hours after my first beta blood draw on Thursday (14 DPO) and my beta HCG was 62! It doubled in 23.93 hours! I am thrilled with that! Here's what my test looked like a few hours before that blood draw...

The tests are continuing to get darker, which is always a comfort. Here are my latest tests from last night, the lighting is bad, but you get the idea...

I have my first ultrasound scheduled for March 11th, I'll be 6 weeks pregnant. I don't think she'll be doing anymore betas.

I've been having the typical cramps, fatigue, irritability, sore boobs, and mild waves of nausea. Those are pretty standard for me at this stage of pregnancy. I have a love/hate relationship with the cramps. I know I have them every pregnancy and they don't mean anything is bad, just that things are growing and progressing, so I am nervous if I don't feel them, but the cramps also make me nervous something is wrong. We are trying to stay positive and look forward to having a healthy take home baby around November 4th. It's difficult not to let the fear and anxiety creep in, but I'm trying my best to think positively.

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