Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things Are Looking Up!

I got a return call from the nurse at my RE's office today. Some of my test results are in and they look pretty good! The two I was most concerned about, my Glucose Tolerance Test and my PAI levels were both good! Now I'm not quite so nervous that I had to stop taking the Glumetza. I was having bad side effects with only a small 500mg dose (stomach pain, nausea, shaky). My understanding is that the main purpose for Glumetza was to keep those levels at a normal level. So, my PAI was a 6, they like it to be between 4-43. My Protein S & C came back good, cardiolipin also came back good.  My Antithrombin III level came back at a 32, normal range is 19-30, but my RE isn't too concerned with that number. I'm still waiting to get a few more of the results back. Hopefully those will be good too. The more tests that come back normal, the more relief and hope I feel!

I'm currently 7DPO and obsessing over pee sticks already! It's a good thing they have cheapies available. My chart looks good. I have some symptoms, but I always have pregnancy type symptoms on Clomid, so I'm not really giving them too much thought.

I decided to splurge on the Neevo prenatal vitamins. I ordered my 3 month supply and look at the warnings and it says to let your doctor know if you have any of the following...and kidney stones is on the list...great. I'm not sure why it lists that. I checked the calcium and it has less than my old prenatal. Maybe it's the type of folic acid. I already spent over $100 on them, so I'm going to take them and just ask the dr. the next time I see her. I'm pretty sure she knows I have kidney stones, but it's such a new product, she might not have known about any risks with them.

I feel like all of my posts have been so technical lately. I guess that is bound to happen with all the tests we've been having. I want to keep a good record for my memory of them all, and this seems like as good a place as any to keep it all straight. So there you have it, perhaps I'm over sharing, but you can always skim the technical junk if you want :)

I'm in a happy place right now. It was warm outside today, so I took my 2 year old out to play for the first time in months. We both needed to breathe in some of that fresh air! It felt so good! We went around looking at all the plants and trees in the yard. She kept asking what each one was. When we got to my son's tree and she asked, I told her that's your baby brother's tree. She repeated "baby brother's tree," and skipped off. Some days that could have made me sad. Today it felt nice. It was good to know that little things like that will ease her into the idea of once having had a baby brother, and I hope it's just a normal thing that way, not something we need to sit down and dramatically tell her about. I'm sure she'll have more and more questions as she gets older. The little things that are around that make it a part of every day life should help. We have a photo on the wall of me and my pregnant belly with our daughter holding my belly and looking up at me. I had to take it down for a short while right after he died because it just made me too sad. Now it feels like the only picture we can realistically put up of my son, and I feel like he needs his own place on the family picture wall.

I hope you all get a chance to breathe in some of this beautiful spring-like air we are having! I'm basking in renewed hope and new life this spring!

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LisaB said...

Yay for some normal test results! I am very interested in reading about these things, since I will soon have mine back. Oh, I LOVE that spring is starting to SPRING! Good luck hun! FX