Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lets Get Technical

I've had a confusing and strange week. This entry is going to be full of a lot of technical information, so be forewarned. Usually I can easily tell when ovulation is about to happen. That was not the case this month...have a look at my chart...

For whatever reason, my OPK's were not positive until Friday, but all other signs and symptoms point to ovulation overnight Thursday (CD14) into Friday (CD15). I had awful O pains starting around 7PM on Thursday. I also had an awful headache, which I usually get on O day. All I could do was curl up in a ball and go to sleep at 10PM, but I woke up every time I rolled over from my ovaries hurting so bad. I thought I might have to go to the ER I was in so much pain. I don't recall that from Clomid 3 years ago. I do remember pain, but I don't remember it being that bad! The pain was significantly better when I woke up, but I did have pain for the next day.

I had an appointment with my RE on Thursday (CD14). The ultrasound showed a good lining at 8mm and a good sized follicle on my right side at 26mm. My left ovary had 2 smaller follicles, the largest of those 2 was 12mm, so probably not big enough. I'm really happy to have 1 really good looking egg and pleasantly surprised and happy that my lining looks so good! It was always a little thin on Clomid before. Maybe the baby aspirin is helping with that.

We sat down to talk with her about results and testing and what all we should do. My homozygous PAI-1 4G/4G results were the main focus of conversation. I found out that my level had not been tested, so I may or may not have elevated PAI-1. We decided to have a lot of blood work done. Friday I went in to have a Glucose tolerance test and 9 different blood clotting disorder tests done. Those include PAI-1 levels, Protein S, Protein C, Factor 5 Leiden, Prothombin, Antithrombin, Phosphatidyserine Antibodies, Cardiolipin Antibodies, and Beta-2 Glycoprotein Antibodies. She had me start taking Glumetza Friday after the tests to treat PCOS and PAI-1. Unfortunately, my body is reacting poorly to it after 2 days. I've had stomach pain, nausea, aching kidneys, feeling shaky and dizzy, and fatigue. I don't think I'll take it tonight, and I'll call tomorrow to see what I should do. I'm struggling with this decision.

Most of my testing does not show PCOS, but I do have some things that make her lean toward that and she is treating me like a patient with PCOS. The things I do have are insulin related issues, acne, high cholesterol, and irregular periods. I do not show some of the classic signs, like cysts on my ovaries, obesity, high blood pressure, and hair growth in odd areas. My hormone levels are also all normal.

She also gave me a prescription for a new prenatal vitamin called Neevo DHA. It has 1mg of bioactive form of folic acid which is supposed to absorb better than synthetic folic acid (it will even bypass the blood clotting disorder MTHFR C677T). It's kind of pricey, so I'm on the fence. I just don't know what I need versus what is "just in case, let's try this." We have a lot to think about and a lot to decide on. Hopefully I'll have a nice, healthy BFP in about a week and everything will go perfectly!

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LisaB said...

I sure hope you get your BFP!!! Man, that makes me curious about PCOS. I have those same symptoms as you! Weird. GOOD LUCK! My fingers are crossed!