Friday, June 24, 2011

Uhhhhh...What Is Going On?

My trip to Nashville was all kinds of fun and the boyband extravaganza that was NKOTBSB was the single most entertaining show I think I've seen. I was in Jordan Knight heaven when he came out into the audience to sing "Tonight" just 5 rows down directly in front of me, then he moved up the stairs directly beside me. I got some shaky, but awesome video of it all Click for Jordan Video Then, just when I didn't think it could get any better, AJ Mclean and Howie Dorough walked down those same steps directly beside me while singing. Again, I got video Click for Howie & AJ Video We had amazing seats and had fun singing and dancing to every song. It was great to let loose and be a girl!

When I got home I was noticing some sensations that made me think I might be getting ready to ovulate, so both Thursday and today I took OPK's that were quite dark, but didn't change much from each other. So, on a whim, I decided to dip a pregnancy test just in case. Now, I've heard if you dip a pregnancy test after an opk you can get a faint line. I have done this before and never had it happen. The same goes for a few friends of mine. Here's where my day gets a little strange...that pregnancy test had a line, a pink line, a very light, but definitely pink line, both wet and dried.

I haven't been wanting to read too much into that one test, especially because it was dipped after an OPK. Plus my cycle has me all kinds of confused and *if* I ovulated, I have no idea when that would have been. So much for stress free not trying/not preventing. Now I wish I knew if/when I ovulated. I think I'd be less stressed. Anyway, tonight I took another IC test and saw a greyish line, so I dipped a First Response. If I look really closely, I can see a hint of a very faint grey line, but I'm not sure about the color on either of these 9PM tests. I guess I should know for certain what is happening within the next couple of days. Here are the PM tests...

So much for not obsessing this month!

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