Sunday, August 14, 2011

1 Year Blogiversary!

It's hard to believe it was just over a year ago that I started this blog. When I think about what has happened since then, it seems like it was a lot longer ago. Two more babies lost, it hardly seems possible. People are getting pregnant with a second baby in the time I've been trying to have another. That really gets me these days. People who I started the TTC journey with back in June 2009 have had a baby and are now pregnant with another...seriously!?! It took me 8 years to get pregnant with my daughter and now I'm going on 2 years already trying for our second take home baby. At 38, I know I don't have another 8 years to try.

Some people write a blogiversary post that is full of joy and excitement. For me it just brings back the emotions of why I needed to start this blog. It has helped me so much to put words to the emotion. I have needed to let it all out. So, on this 1 year blogiversary, I am relieved to have this outlet. That is reason for celebration of some sort, I suppose.

I read a really good blog post the other day regarding miscarriage. Basically the author was talking about hiding miscarriages versus sharing the news and mourning the loss of life. How society as a whole thinks talking about it is taboo and something women should get over easily and quickly, but anyone who has gone through it knows that is not possible and that the pain is immense. She thought that if we all talked about it more, that would become the norm and society would understand how painful it is. I couldn't agree more and I really wish every woman felt like they could share and grieve with the support you would get for any other death in your family. I shared the link on  facebook, with the hope that getting the word out might benefit someone else suffering in silence. I am always touched by the comments I read when I post something about miscarriage. I'm sure some women prefer to grieve in solitude, and I get that. I just wish the women who need or want support in a very difficult time feel like they can reach out and get the support from someone. To that I say Happy Blogiversary!


meggola said...

Happy Blogiversary! You've been through one hell of a year. I hope this next one brings you more happiness and less heartache!

Lyndsey Davis said...

All my friends are starting on their second babies as well. And these are friends with infertility. It just seems so unfair. Can't I get one before they get another? :(