Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Terrible Trigger

Okay, okay, I can laugh about it now, but this trigger shot has not been a good experience to say the least. My husband has given me a trigger 3 times and they all went fine, that was 3 years ago. He got the medicine all loaded up, alcohol swabbed my target, and jabbed...OUCH! He says (with a bit of panic in his voice) "It didn't go in, let me try again."...jab, OUCH! More panic has set in and he says "It didn't go in again!! I don't know what to do!" I'm bleeding, then the panic and anxiety sets in for me. I'm freaking out because I NEED this trigger shot, I paid a lot of money for it and I don't want my follicles to get too big before ovulation, so failure is NOT an option for me. I also start freaking out because I'm thinking of the daily injections of heparin I will be giving myself once I become pregnant and if I can't get an HCG shot from my husband, how am I going to give myself an injection. In addition, he's always the calm, cool, collected one of us but HE is freaking out...not a good combo of emotions. I am crying and yelling at him that he'd better just figure this out and get the d@%$& thing injected! So, after re-reading the instruction sheet for the 5th time, he asks if he can try the other side...YES, JUST DO IT ALREADY! Jab, success (and not nearly as painful). We could have been a scene from I Love Lucy.

Our plan is to BD daily until I see a temperature rise. The injection was on Thursday and according to my RE and everyone on the internet, I should ovulate within 36-40 hours, typically. Saturday I was having awful ovulation pain on my left side (the side with the larger follie). Finally around 2PM it started to subside (a little over 40 hours). I fully expected to see a temp rise the following morning but that didn't happen. Sunday I also felt some pain on my right side that felt like ovulation pain. Maybe I ovulated from the left on Saturday and the right on Sunday, I just don't know. My temperature did not have a marked increase until today, Tuesday. I've been reading some things about a trigger shot making your temperature less reliable. It always acted normally the other 3 times I've done a trigger, but maybe this time is different. We didn't BD after Sunday.

Last night through today I have had a migraine. My guess is that it's hormone related. I'm testing out the trigger with pregnancy tests and they are still pretty dark but starting to get a bit lighter. Today is 5 DPT (days past trigger). When I got pregnant with our daughter the trigger was gone at 10 DPT (8DPO). I'm really hopeful and looking forward to testing!


meggola said...

Oh geez! What a nightmare! I'm getting excited to see how this cycle turns out for you!!! FXFXFX!

Belinda and Justin said...

Im pretty certain that Im 169 injections at this point and we have had moments of "oh, babe, Im so sorry but it didnt go in" moments here. It takes a deep breathe and a go at it again!! Ive never tested out the trigger but would test at 10 DPT and it was always a negative test. GOOD LUCK this cycle!

LisaB said...

Oh my, poor you! I hope hubby starts to become a pro! :) Especially since you'll be preggo soon and need those injections :) :)
My temps have been a little weird before with the meds. Hopefully everything is good.

Tia said...

Yikes! Sorry that getting your trigger didn't go very smoothly. Josh missed one time before and it wasn't a fun experience at all. I also had really weird temps after my trigger shot the last few cycles that I did. Hopefully, none of that will matter and you'll get your BFP this month!