Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Follicles!

I have been feeling pains in my ovaries and was starting to get worried that I might ovulate before my appointment this morning. Luckily that didn't happen. My lining is okay at 7mm. I have an 18mm follicle on my right ovary and a 21mm follicle on my left. I feel like doing a cheer for my ovaries - I usually only get one good sized follicle, hooray for two!! My OPK's are still negative. I will do a 10,000 unit HCG trigger shot tonight.

It's funny, I had the nurse draw a target on my tush for my husband to aim at. Our 2 year old was standing there looking at that happen like it was the strangest thing she has ever seen. Daddy came up with a good explanation though, "Mommy got a stamp for doing a good job at the doctor's office like you get for doing a good job at Little Gym." That was good enough for her as she smiled and nodded, then wanted to see my "stamp" - ha!

You all know by now how important and meaningful butterflies are to me after we lost our son. I feel like he is telling me he is here with us when I see them. My RE likes to put seasonal and festive socks on the stirrups at her office, and today the socks were covered in butterflies. I hope that means good things to come for this cycle!


unaffected said...

Awesome follies! FX for great things to come! :)

meggola said...

Hooray for good follies!