Friday, July 1, 2011

State of Confusion...At Least It's Beautiful Outside

Hear me now...I am never going to go a month without charting again! Remind me of that in the future if you see me headed down the path of no charting with an irregular cycle again.

I never started bleeding, so those had to be faulty tests. Call them false positives, call them evaps, whatever they were, they were not the real deal. Unfortunately I have dozens and dozens more in my closet and I don't trust them now. I ordered some more internet cheapies off of Ebay and they arrived yesterday, so today I used one...

and here it is tweaked to pull out the line...

Even though this line showed up within the time limit (and a second one looked the same), I have never used these tests (One Step Early Pregnancy Test - they are supposed to be 10mIU,very sensitive) before and don't know anyone else who has, so I don't trust it to be real at this point.

I decided to test again with SMU (second morning urine) and still saw something very faint, but it was much lighter...could have been diluted or just false lines...time will tell.

I still don't know for certain if/when I ovulated...even my temps have been confusing (which I only started taking 6 days ago and found out half way through those days that my battery was going on my thermometer). Hopefully I'll be updating with positive tests very soon!

It has been a fabulous week weather-wise here. My daughter and I have been enjoying playing outside, having a picnic, and doing an impromptu photo shoot out by our shed/soon-to-be-playhouse. Her personality is so sweet and fun! I love her so incredibly much!

(photo above inspired by one of my favorite photographers and bloggers, Kelle Hampton - see button to the right)


meggola said...

Ugh - these tests are torture! I hope you figure out what's going on soon. Your daughter is beautiful. Those are great photos!

Michele said...

Thanks Meg <3