Friday, September 9, 2011

Doubling Beta!

I am full of good news today! I got my second beta back and it doubled in 48 hours, hooray!

11DPO = 30
13DPO = 61

I am relieved and still a tad nervous because with my other pregnancies they doubled faster, not that it's a race, and I know this fits into a great doubling range, so I am trying to keep my head up and remember that. I am so thankful for all my online TTC gals for sticking by me and reassuring me through this whole process!

Other good news, the bleeding stopped! It only lasted a couple hours that one time (right around my first beta blood draw), and the beta doubled since then with no more bleeding, so I think that's a great sign. Hopefully that was the last of the bleeding during this 9 months!

I haven't POAS at all today. Last night I took my last FRER. I have some IC's left that I'll probably randomly pee on, but I am done comparing every line twice per day.

I go back in 4 days for a 3rd beta. Hoping for fantastic news! I will start my Lovenox injections tonight and I'm pretty nervous. I got another demonstration today, so that helped reassure me.

Here are the last comparison of pee sticks pic:

I saw several butterflies while driving home from my beta <3! I also heard a song on the radio that I decided is my theme song throughout this pregnancy! Andy Grammer, Keep Your Head Up - love the message and love that it talks about a rainbow after the rain!