Monday, September 12, 2011

Lovenox No More

Well, I did the first Lovenox injection on Friday night. The injection itself really wasn't as scary or bad as I thought it would be. I iced my stomach, pinched the skin up, the needle went right in, injected medicine slowly and it burned a lot, but it was doable. As I pulled the needle out, there were a couple drops of blood, which freaked me out a bit, but with some research I found out that it really isn't a big deal and can happen from time to time. That night, panic set in. I started freaking out about hemorrhaging or getting in a car accident and bleeding to death internally, or not being able to get an epidural because it can cause brain was going a million miles a minute and I was freaking out. The next morning when I got in the shower (12 hours after the injection), blood started continuously dripping out of the injection site and I couldn't get it to stop for 30 minutes! I was panicked again! I decided right then and there that the stress of taking it was worse for me and the baby than if I stopped taking it. Today I called my nurse and explained everything to her, she talked to my RE, called me back and told me my doctor said I didn't have to take it anymore. She would prefer me to take it as a precaution, but nothing dictates that I need it. I'll continue taking baby aspirin. I have a purple bruise the size of a quarter from just that one injection. I don't envy women who have to take this throughout their pregnancy. I could handle the shots, but the side effects and fear of side effects are just too much for me unless someone tells me it's the only way.

I go in tomorrow for my 3rd beta. I'm hoping and praying for a great number! My symptoms are promising. The morning sickness has started, boobs are super sore, mild cramps off and on, super sense of smell, weird taste in my mouth and food tastes weird, and fatigue. I was at Walmart yesterday and couldn't resist another pack of FRER's, so I tested again yesterday after 2 days. The line looks great!


Wonder Woman said...

wow that is crazy that you had that reaction to lovenox, but that probaby proves that you don't have a clotting issue.

I actually had a clotting problem so the lovenox just sort of makes me normal. i've been taking it 11 weeks and haven't had any bleeding from any injection site, including the huge intramuscular needles i was using for progesterone. How much of it did they have you on?

Michele said...

I'm glad it's working so well for you! They had me on a pretty minimal dosage, 40mg once per day. Guess it's just not for me.

LisaB said...

Whoa! That would have scared me, too! It sounds like it's more of a precautionary measure, so it's probably better not to take it!
Love your latest test!!!

Lindsey said...

Hey I'm endointhearcitc from TWW and your newest follower! That lovenox shot sounds stressful! I agree that sometimes the stress is not worth it... Also beautiful job beating the control line!