Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Guess what I saw today...2 pink lines on a few home pregnancy tests! It looks like I got a BFP, well, maybe more of a LFP (little faint positive). It's light, but it is there without a doubt. I am 9 DPO today. That makes for the earliest positive I've ever gotten, especially if you count that faint one from two days ago. I can't seem to capture a great photo, but I did get light possible positives this morning on 3 different types of tests. This afternoon I got two definite light positives on two different types of tests. I always love to see the digital tests pop up and say "pregnant," then you have no doubts at all. I think I'll pick up a couple when I go to Target this evening. That makes all the symptoms I've been having make sense. Nausea, cramps, emotional, sore boobs, skin breakout. I had a feeling I was pregnant, just like I did the last two times I got pregnant. I just kept second guessing myself. The reality of it seemed so far fetched. We had to try eight years to get pregnant with our daughter. Now I have gotten pregnant the last three times we've tried, without fail (we just failed to keep two of them. I'm hoping our luck has changed for the better). Here's a test...look closely...

Like I said, not a great photo, but it is an obvious light positive when looking at it in person. The fact that I had positives on other tests today backs that up for me too. Hopefully we will see them get darker over the next few days. So, here we go again on this great journey! Hoping for the best possible outcome and loving this little bean so much already!

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