Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Beta Bloodwork Results

The days seem to be dragging on so slowly right now, as we wait to see how this pregnancy is progressing. I've been doing this "wait and see" pregnancy thing for 8 months total now with 3 different pregnancies. The stress has taken it's toll on me a bit.

The good news is I had my first beta blood draw at my OB's office on Tuesday. I was 11 DPO, and my results came back at 44.5 HCG and 25.5 progesterone. She said the progesterone level is excellent and the HCG is in the normal range and that we expected it to be a low number like that because of how early I am. I go back in one week for another beta test to see how things are progressing. I feel good right now. My home pregnancy test lines are continuing to get darker, so that's a good thing. I can't even tell you how many I have taken in the past week. Here is a photo of the progression from 9 DPO through today at 13 DPO. These are all First Response tests.

And here's how my chart turned out...

I want to let myself get excited about this, and I do sometimes. I wish I had the "jump with both feet in" attitude I had with my first pregnancy. I am making a point to stop and rub my belly and talk to my little poppy seed and breathe in the joy of this beautiful time. It may be short lived or it may be a lifetime, either way, right now it is a joy, and I love this little baby with every bit of my heart!

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