Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Testing and Anxiety

The anxiety never stops, at least not at this point. I keep taking tests and the lines keep getting darker! Yay! I still get nervous each time I take one. Here is tonight's:

Today I had my first beta blood draw at my OB's office. I will get the results in a day or two. Then I'll go back and do it again in a week to see how everything is progressing. We'll also do an early ultrasound at 6 or 7 weeks to look for a heart beat.

I felt good at my appointment today, mostly excited, a little nervous, and a little sad. I brought in my son's Certificate of Life to be signed by my OB and her medical assistant. Everyone in the office was really supportive and happy to see me back. They all thought the certificate was beautiful. I felt like my son was with me today, especially, as I saw a butterfly flit past the front door as I was headed in for my appointment. I have seen more butterflies this year than ever, and it is such a warm, happy feeling when I do.

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